true crime video- the peaceful era!

Recently I watched (more or less listened to) a video on how this is the most peaceful era in our human history. In the begining he shows an image of a concentration camp. That image in its self is crazy impacting. You begin to think to yourself that back then people really were evil. But the question is raised, ” were we any worse back then than we are now?”  A graph is shown trying to convince you that it was really bad back in the days of the hunter-gathering days, he also reads sects of the bible. The graph and the reading of the bible show you that people were really violent back then because of our permission from god to kill or our necessity to kill just so we could have the best hunting grounds. The next question raised would naturally be, “why does it seem like everything is so violent today if we are truly in a time of peace?” To answer this question you have to watch every news cast every day, or even just scan through Yahoo or Google news. Violence is the only thing shown to us these days. We as humans naturaly have a wild side. some of us choose to release it in different way, and most can get by with just watching the yahoo news ticker and watching TV shows like Dexter, or CSI. Discovery has come out with a whole crime channel just to sattisfy this animal hunger. All of this media on the evil in life is why we think that everything is so violent now but, if we just stepped outside and took a nice walk through a park we would see that not everyone is an evil killer and out to get us. You would see that the media is just feeding an animal hunger that we all have for violence. Very few people actually go crazy and physically harm another person for reasons other than self defence. Lets be real, we all think on a daily basis about how we hate someone and some of us might even begin plotting out their “accidental” death, but the good news is most of us would rather sit back and watch karma stab them in the back than having to do it ourselves. Out of all of this it truely proves that we are violent in our nature but the caring and an overwhelming sence of not wanting to be the bad guy prevents us from doing anything to drastic.

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  1. Paul says:

    Do you often plot out accidental deaths? It’s a good thing I’m hiding out in the hills of Pennsylvania then. But seriously, I think you’re getting at the idea of the yin and the yang, or the Jekyll and Hyde nature of man. The idea is that we need both sides to be fully human, and to acknowledge both sides. Maybe the fascination with crime and criminals is part of that.

    also: I like the way you’ve customized your site.

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