torso AKA the unsolved mass murder case

Okay I have a bunch of issues with the book! Don’t get me wrong I love a good comic book, and this was an OKAY book. i wasn’t impressed. 1) the beginning wasn’t that interesting. it took me forever to get into it! 2) they compared the torso killer to jack the ripper! jack the ripper never had the same kill. It was the same kind of woman but every kill got more and more gruesome, the torso killer’s kills were all very calculated and were all pretty much the same, he didn’t get sloppy at the end. now on the the actual murderer. he was pretty good, i have to give him that. for the times he was really creative. he created his own preservative to keep the from decomposing! because of the preciseness of every cut you would know 2 things: 1) he wasn’t hurried, and 2) he had to have some medical training. when Gaylord came into the station, willingly might i add, it shows that he had some confidence in himself. we find out that Gaylord is an ex-medical student, that explains the cuts. Gaylord eventually kills a cop then commits himself to a mental health facility. this causes them to be unable to actually accuse him of anything making the case go unsolved for the remainder of time. WE ALL KNOW WHO DID IT! GAYLORD, jerk face.

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  1. Chelsea Irizarry says:

    I get what you mean when they compare Jack the Ripper and The Torso killer but there are similarities they both hunted for their victims in impoverish areas picking up people that were outcasts, both butchered and mutilated their victims, and both had multiple victims without being caught, yeah we can assume that Gaylord did it but he technically escaped. If both serial killers were exactly the same then the Torso killer would most likely be considered a copy-cat killer.

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