the story of a condemned man (pillars of salt)

People would gather around the gallows just to watch James Morgan swing from them. At this moment in his life he was the most popular man in all of Boston. People wanted to be near him. They wanted to hear his final words, to see his final gestures, and to watch him breath his last breath. In the thoughts of today that would be tabboo. Why would we have a public hanging? Someone is bound to get offended. But back in the times of public hangings this was a good thing to take the kids to. They saw the law take effect in front of their very little eyes. But the people didnt just let him die. Hi lived on for months after his death in the print of the days. He was in surmons and in the paper. Even after death he struggled to go unseen.

This happened all through the times. Now in days people very rearly get put to death. Even when they do we really dont hear about it as widespread new. It’s now considered horrible and just wrong to sentence a person to death even by injection.

I do have just one question to ask everyone: Because the executioner pulls the leaver to kill the murderer does that make him a murderer as well?

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4 Responses to the story of a condemned man (pillars of salt)

  1. I found your comment response rather interesting. I like how you compare it to modern times and how there are still executions, but not to the extent of the publicly hanging people. Now it really would be viewed by many as repulsive and these people would oppose it. This shows just how much the public morals have changed thought it does not necessarily translate to each individual person.

  2. Patriquin says:

    I did the readings and thought about blogging this exact same thing…now I have to think of some other point to bring up other than how strange and backwards public executions are. But I think the answer to your question depends on who you’re asking. The executioner, of course, would say no he isn’t a murderer, he’s doing his duty. Someone who disagrees with the death penalty is going to say executioner is just a synonym for murder. Also, you made my day by adding that song

  3. Jim Groom says:

    As I mentioned in the comments on Gloriana’s post, the fact that the hangman (or woman) is working for the state in many ways relieves them of responsibility–they are doing their job. Not unlike war drone oeprators, right? The state sanctioned violence is somethign we all share in to some great degree, if you aren’t protesting war, doesn’t that mean you condone it?

  4. Bridget says:

    I really like that question you ended with. I think people don’t believe the executioner is a murderer because it is his job. I, personally don’t like the job of a executioner, especially back then when it was public, but I don’t believe he is a murderer. In the definition of murder is the word premeditated, the executioner did not plot these deaths he just has to execute them.

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