Intro to a story of a story! – Harold schechter

Harold wrote that when crime stories were first being written that they would be just as revered as a two headed baby. I personaly don’t find that to hard to believe. I’m sure people gobbled up these stories just to add some spice to their hum drum life. What I do find hard to believe is that these pamphlets were so descriptive that a young man “could find out more about the female anatomy than from an actual medical text book.” I guess mostly because I watch to much TV and I fail to realize that everything wasn’t as prim and proper as it seemed to be. Emerson even had issues with people reading this material (he was way to classy for them). He wrote in his diary about how all of his country men spent their time reading about murders and train crashes. That sounds just as bad now as it did back then. Who really spends all their time devoted to reading murder stories or watching crime shows (I DO!)? Crime consumed the people so much that most famous writers have a true-crime story. So what does all of this mean for us now? Well my dear friends it means that people back when the nation first began were just as fascinated with crime as we are now. We all want to be the hero and we want to understand the bad guys motive. If everybody got a chance to be a hero I feel as though there would be less crime shows to watch and more good news in my news reports!

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