hitch hikers guide to the true crime network!

This class is not for the faint hearted or the weak of stomachs. I’ve looked at crime scene photos, people final words, and even their last meals. I’ve learned where i can find a data base of people who have been put to execution in the US. You have to do your blogs! they can be fun or serious. You can include videos or weird pictures of Barbie. In this class you learn to fall in love with even stranger shows then CSI. Shows like Disappeared, Women who kill, and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. This class teaches you that people aren’t what they appear. We learned though out the semester to not let our past define who we are. Look at my all time favorite killer Charles Manson. He had a troubled childhood. He was abandoned by his family and given up to the system. Because of that he wanted a family of his own. He was sick of rejection and anybody who rejected him, he killed. Charles let his past define him! There are 3 basic rules to surviving this class.
1) Always be on your game and 5 steps ahead of Groom.
2) Enjoy Paul. He may not talk much but he has the best Posts of the class.
3) Watch your back, you never know which one can turn out to be a killer.
On a side note ALWAYS HAVE A TOWEL (hitch hikers guide to the galaxy reference)

I will miss this class dearly! Have a great year, a merry Christmas, and Happy New years.

marvin (1)

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3 Responses to hitch hikers guide to the true crime network!

  1. Jim Groom says:

    Where you ever any steps ahead of me? My answer: no way. I ruled, you, well….you lvoed Manson for some reason that’s beyond me.

  2. Paul says:

    I feel like I should be blushing or something. I’ll miss this class too.

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