Funny how?

This movie is Histarical. Mostly because the movies now in days are a way better quality so i’m a little spoiled. I love the guy who gets upset over being called a funny guy. that scene is so Iconic. The names everyone has is silly too. johny two-times because he repeats himself. i mean seriously! but its okay it is accurate of the times. Ask my grampa! he was raised in NYC in this same time period. he could tell mob stories like no other! i love the historical accuracies of the movie. the crime is a sign of the time. the steeling and murders were very common in those times. we don’t hear about mob hits very often anymore but believe me THEY STILL HAPPEN.

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  1. Seth Dorman says:

    That was my favorite part myself and I was on the ground cracking up! But do you have anything better to say about it than this? No offense but this is pretty weak. Put something in more productive about the movie, something more than my grandma has great stories.

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